Trasladando a Bolivia

For various reasons I decided to leave Chile and move my project to Bolivia. I had heard of its beauty and untouched land and through Couchsurfing and the advice of friends, I arrived in the town of Samaipata in the province of Florida, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

This is a beautiful part of the country, ideal in its height (1680m) for a perfect climate (never too hot or too cold) and surrounded by green mountains. It is known for its special energy that attracts people from all over the world. They come, they decide to spend more time and eventually find themselves settling here. Many are looking for an alternative lifestyle - meditation, permaculture, therapy, arts etc.

So far I´ve been exploring the area and gathering information on various properties for sale. My priority is to find land with virgin forest and good water. I also want some of the land to be mountain. There are many options and when I return from Japan (I´m leaving on Feb 9th for Paraguay, Brazil and then Japan, returning in the middle of May), I´ll be buying something that fits my profile of perfect land.

I´ve already found a couple of people here who would like to be part of the project and I´m looking for others. The idea is to build a self-sufficient community that lives in harmony with the Earth and each other.


Por varias razones, decidí quitar Chile y mover mi proyecto a Bolivia, donde he escuchado de su belleza y terrenos virgenes. A través de Couchsurfing y consejo de amigos llegué al pueblo de Samaipata, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Se encuentra en una parte del país muy bella con montañas verdes alrededor y una energía especial que atrae gente de todo el mundo. Buscan una vida alternativa - meditación, pèrmacultura, artes o terapia. Al altura de 1680m, tiene un clima ideal - nunca demasiado caliente ni frio.

Hasta ahora he ido buscando terreno y hay muchas opciones. Mis prioridades son un terreno que tiene bosque nativo y una buena fuente de agua limpia. Estoy viajando el 9 de febrero a Paraguay y luego Brasil y Japon, volviendo el 15 de mayo. En ese momento voy a hacer la compra. Yá tengo un par de personas interesadas en el proyecto y siguo buscando más. La meta sigue el mismo: una comunidad auto-sostenible viviendo en armonia con la Madre Tierra y con lo demas.

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